Pick-Up in Blue Ridge

When you check-out on line you have two options for picking up your products.  You can choose to pick up at Parker's or you can pick up at our 24-7 lockers.

1-If you select the lockers, Presents of Mine in Blue Ridge installed lockers so customers can pick-up their items 24-7.  If you select "Pick up 24x7 Locker in Blue Ridge" this might be your best bet for pick-up.  When your product(s) are complete, we will email or text you telling you that your order is ready for pick-up.  We will give you some alternatives for pick-up, but if you choose the lockers, we will tell you the locker number and the combination.

Locker Location:

The lockers are located at 166 Messer Street in Blue Ridge.  Here is a map to the location:


 This is the building where the lockers are:

There will be a lock on your locker.  The locks have a 4 digit combination that we will provide to you.  Please see the lock directions below.

The lock should open.  After the lock opens, DO NOT change the number for the code because the locks will only lock up when it is on the right code. Please take your items out of the locker.  After you take your items out, please lock back up your locker.  To do so, simply put the lock back on your locker, close the lock and then change any of the 4 digits of the code.  This will lock the locker back up.  Thanks for shopping at Presents of Mine.


2. If you choose Pick-up at Parkers, Parkers is located at 39 Lance Street: Suite 4, Blue Ridge, GA 30513

Parkers is open Monday through Friday from 10:00 until 5:30.  They are also open on Saturdays from 10:00-2:00.  Parker's is closed on Sundays.

Here is a map to Parkers:


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